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Ningbo builds China's largest textile fabric mating platform

Ningbo builds China's largest textile fabric mating platform

Industry dynamic
2018/07/25 01:55

Ningbo Evening News (Reporter Xu Wenyan) Yesterday, the first textile fabrics matching platform using the b2b+o2o (online match + offline service center) innovation model was launched in Ningbo in China's textile and apparel industry, which focused on the most powerful 100 in China.And the fabric center of a number of fabric suppliers will eliminate the confusion of information asymmetry between garment factories and designers looking for fabrics while reducing transaction costs.

Fast fashion makes fashion styles update faster and faster. Fabrics are ordered more intermediately, information is asymmetrical, and garment factories frequently encounter difficulties in finding a fabric. And in the face of these painful points in the industry, an information technology company in the city started to solve the difficulties faced by designers and garment factories in finding fabrics, and innovatively designed a mobile Internet fabric search platform. Different from the traditional internet fabric display trading platform, this platform requires fabric suppliers to publish information on mobile phones, and fabric suppliers will take the initiative to conduct docking transactions.

It is understood that after catching the Internet + Express, this platform has gathered as many as 200,000 fabric supply and demand companies, including up to 100,000 fabric suppliers, the daily average amount of billing exceeded 1,000, billing volume 300 Above 10,000 meters, it is the largest textile industry matching trading platform in China.