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People's cotton yarn gains faster. Textile industry gets policy red envelopes

People's cotton yarn gains faster. Textile industry gets policy red envelopes

Industry dynamic
2018/07/25 01:31

The poor quality of the new cotton stock market: Xinjiang cotton has been listed on the market recently, and the purchase price plus freight is about 13,800 yuan/ton. Listed new flowers have high humidity, many impurities, short fibers, and poor quality. Therefore, textile companies are still purchasing the cotton of the previous year. The cost of shipping back to the enterprise was about 14,000 yuan/ton. Cotton green and yellow are not connected, high-quality cotton is short, and the price of good cotton is slightly increased. The basic price is 13600-13800 yuan/ton. On September 21, the price of the domestic standard lint 3128B grade center is 13,059 yuan/ton, which is the same as last week's price.

2. US cotton exports decreased significantly compared to last year: US cotton exports maintained a good level. As of last week, US cotton contracted exports reached 2.978 million bales, USDA forecasted 30%, and shipments of 710,000 bales, a substantial decrease from the same period of last year. The imported cotton price index FCS reported 76.14 cents/lb, up 35 points; FCM reported 70.67 cents/lb, up 31 points; FCL reported 67.78 cents/lb, up 37 points. The severe shortage of quotas and the “high price” of cotton quotes such as US cotton and Australian cotton led Chinese textile companies to make inquiries and place orders to cool down significantly. On September 18, the international standard lint price was 70.44 cents/lb, which was a decrease of 0.19 cents/lb from the previous Friday.

3. People's cotton yarn price rises rapidly: This week, the sales volume of pure cotton yarns is stable, and the price is lowered. The price of a cotton spinning yarn 16S of a spinning company is 15,000 yuan/ton, down 1,500 yuan/ton; the price of cotton yarn 32S knitting yarn is 21800 yuan/ton. Ton, down 400 yuan/ton. Qingqing market, individual varieties of pure polyester yarn offer down, pure polyester yarn 21s latest price of 10,100 yuan / ton. Shengze market pure polyester yarn price center of gravity is stable, pure polyester yarn 32S mainstream offer 11,200 yuan / ton up and down, pure polyester yarn 45s mainstream offer 12,200 yuan / ton. In Shandong, the quotation of people's cotton yarns has generally risen. At present, the mainstream specifications of the cotton yarn 30s market are around 19,000 yuan/ton, which is 500 yuan more than the previous period.

4. Imported yarns showed the trend of “high first and then low”: It is reported that the recent import yarn inventory of the port is about 7.5-80,000 tons, a slight increase of 0.3 million tons compared with the beginning of this month, and the price of the combed high-grade cotton yarn 21S is 18100-18300 yuan/ton. Since mid-September, the volume of “consignment” of port bonded foreign yarns has shown a slight increase, with India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Central Asia (including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, etc.), Indonesia and other product yarns ranking first. India's 40S and above cotton yarn shipments and arrivals in Hong Kong increased slightly. Imported yarn prices did not fluctuate at a rate of RMB 200/ton, showing a trend of “high first and then low”. Recently, the quotation of Indian C21 knitting yarns in Jiangsu and Zhejiang market was respectively 18,000-18200 yuan/ton, the low allocation was only 17,500 yuan/ton, the whole cotton 32S knitted yarn was 19500-19800 yuan/ton, the low allocation was about 19,200 yuan/ton, and the same amount Domestic yarn offers a difference of 500-800 yuan / ton.

5. Sticky and short quotes are raised by 100 yuan: sticky short This week, manufacturers' prices are still raised by 100 yuan. The actual transaction focus is also gradually followed up. The middle end of the week was traded at 14200-14300 yuan, and the transaction center was at 14300-14400 yuan/ton. . The high-end price performance remained strong. The implementation price was re-adjusted in the middle of the week. Transactions were mostly in the range of RMB 14500-14600, and individual high-end orders touched RMB 14,700/ton.

6. Polyester and short-term market stability: Polyesters in Shandong and Hebei markets have a stable short-quote price, and the 1.4 mainstream textiles and polyester staples report is delivered to the market at 7150-7250. The actual transaction can be negotiated. Shengze market pure polyester yarn price center of gravity is stable, pure polyester yarn 32S mainstream offer 11,200 yuan / ton up and down, pure polyester yarn 45s sales slightly better than other specifications, the mainstream offer 12,200 yuan / ton. Polyester short-term market or stable prices down the main inventory.

7. Countdown to the 16th China New Fiber and Yarn Face-to-face Talks: On September 22, the 16th China New Fiber and Yarn Face-to-face Negotiation Meeting sponsored by China Yarn Network will be officially held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. . In the same period, the 2015 Textile New Product Launch Conference and the 2015 Textile Marketing Summit will be held. The meeting will take place from September 22 to 23, and the conference is expected to invite more than 4,000 professional procurement personnel.

8. Guangxin Textile's 100,000 cotton spinning equipment will soon be put into operation: On September 9, 16 sets of German-Switzerland imported cotton spinning equipment arrived at Kashi Guangxin Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangxin Textile) Jiashi County Industrial Park plant, more than 10 people The workers are installing equipment in full swing and are expected to start production in October this year.

9. Vietnam proposed a target of 180 billion U.S. dollars for export in 2016: Vietnam’s “Investment” newspaper reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed that Vietnam’s export target for 2016 be 181.5 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 10% from 2015. It is estimated that the total export value in 2015 will reach 160 billion US dollars. To achieve this goal, the Vietnamese government will accelerate the progress of the negotiations in the FTA, change the situation of relying on a single export market, and constantly open up new markets; accelerate the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, improve production and operating efficiency and product competitiveness, and improve the business environment. Promote exports.

10. Jizhou City, Jiangxi Province, Jizhou Introduced an investment of 800 million yuan in high-end textile projects: The project was invested by Dongguan Zhaobang Company, which mainly produces high-end textile products. It adopts the most advanced automated production lines and other equipment in the country. It can be introduced in the same year and put into operation in the current year. It is expected that an annual output value of more than 900 million yuan will be achieved after reaching the standard, and the tax will be paid close to 20 million yuan.

11. Puning plans to invest 4 billion yuan to build a new city of clothing industry in the east: recently learned from relevant departments in Puning, Guangdong Province that the city plans to invest about 4 billion yuan to build a new city of the eastern garment industry covering an area of ​​1,000 acres, to be built in the new city. The four major platforms form the agglomeration effect of the textile and apparel industry. It is expected that after the completion of production, it can achieve an annual sales income of 10 billion yuan, create 30,000 jobs, and increase tax revenue by 650 million yuan.

12. State Council Expanded Investment Accelerated Depreciation Scope The textiles and other major areas were given policy red envelopes: On September 16, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, which confirmed that the expansion of enterprises in key industries in the four fields of light industry, textiles, machinery, and automobiles is Newly purchased fixed assets after January 1 this year may be allowed to shorten the depreciation period or adopt an accelerated depreciation method. This will promote effective investment, promote industrial upgrading, and accelerate the development of "China's wisdom."

13. The Ningyang Biological New Material Smart Spinning Project will be put into production: Recently, Indian engineers and Chinese staff are working on the site of the Haysmoor Biological New Material Smart Spinning Project of the Ningyang Huaxing Group in Tai'an City to jointly install and debug Langwei's compact spinning Spinning machine.

14.17 million employees in the textile industry are now “flooding” thousands of people or will go home early New Year: Recently, the large-scale textile and garment companies have frequent closures, making this upstream and downstream industrial chain employment population as high as 170 million, once The pillar industries that occupy half of China’s exports have once again touched the nerves of the people.

15. China produces about 26 million tons of waste textiles and clothing each year: According to statistics, China produces about 26 million tons of waste textiles and clothing every year. This figure continues to grow. In coastal cities, there are companies that recycle used clothes. After cleaning, some of them are sold or donated for the second time. The other part is reprocessed by means of science and technology to become insulating materials, coarse cloth rugs, and daily rags.

16. The only northeastern China National Fabrics Museum will be located in Dalian: This year's Dalian Expo opened with the opening of the National Fabric Museum's signing ceremony in Dalian and the launch of Dayang Group’s “six centers and one major alliance base” as the theme content. More pragmatic.

17. Lanxi 800 million tax revenue support textile industry "machine substitution": September 17 news tax revenue of 3.6 billion yuan, an increase of 42.5%; above-scale enterprises to achieve output value of 17.97 billion yuan, an increase of 16.5%. From January to August this year, the Lanxi textile industry blew up in the "cold stream" of economic counterattacks, and both output value and tax revenue increased.

18. Bangladesh garment settlements are expected to increase exports by US$50 billion: Bangladesh Minister of Economy Tofail Ahmed stated that Bangladesh intends to set up a special economic zone called “clothing settlement”, which will boost garment manufacturing to reach US$50 billion by 2021. The key part of the goal plan.